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Founded on day 1 of Riddermark's launch, the mission: To provide a clean, relaxed and casual environment for mature, adult-minded players to socialize, help each other out, kid around with, and above all - HAVE FUN!

The Guild Highlights are:

• Many very mature adult, fun and socialable members who like chatting, helping each other and grouping together
• Veteran players - Years of experience with LotRO within our member and officer ranks.
• Guild Hall - Located at 1 High Road, Burrstow, Bree-land Homesteads.
• Website - Where you are now! Feel free to register and post in our guest section.

Our Play Style: Casual, clean, mature attitude, helpful to others. It doesn't matter whether you like to play solo, group, or raid. There will be plenty of emphasis on all aspects of the game.

The Level Cap: As a kinship, we do not require power leveling. We believe that you can play your character the way you want, so you can take as long as you like to get to your destination.

Emphasis: This is NOT a Raiding Kinship, to use the coined phrase.

The primary focus of The Guild is to have fun playing the game.

Raids - We do run instances and skirmishes. The Guild has excellent leaders who are willing to help out at all levels and support you as you progress through the game. But the goal for The Guild is to have fun and experience the entire game, and tackle the game's challenges.

Grinding: Just like with leveling, you play the game how you want. The Guild is a kinship for players looking for a solid, mature, and supportive community. We do not require you to grind deeds or instances, though. Play the game as you want to.

PvMP: The Guild supports and participates in PvMP. Nothing says you cannot enjoy PvMP and casual play.

Roleplaying: This can be defined in many different ways. Although classic roleplaying is not a focus of The Guild, we may find ourselves doing some light roleplaying.


Other Guild Activities



We have MANY experienced crafters in The Guild, many of which are kindred with the crafting guilds.

Crafting is Guild-wide, and player supported in all aspects. We expect anyone that wishes to participate in the crafting system to do their part by gathering their fair share of resources.

Resources, components, recipes, etc are commonly shared among all our members. If you lack the skill to make your own gear, but you have some resources you can contribute to the Guild's crafters, we'll be glad to make ANY and ALL items you need to make your adventuring more productive!

Guild Hall:Guildhouse and Draigoch



Though we are Not hard-core raiders, raids will happen. In fact, given time, we will do every instance in the game. You can count on it.

Raiding will take place in The Guild because it's members are patient with one another on building our teamwork, knowledge and skills - in a relaxed and fun manner. As our community expands and we play together, we can become very effective at completing instances, allowing us to do anything the game throws at us.



The Guild is a rank 10 kinship. We have a killer Breeland kinship house (Guild Hall!!). Come visit us in Burrstow - 1 High Road (Look for the HUGE DRAGON!)

We do hold parties at The Guild Hall, which will include player music, a lot of ale drinking, pipeweed smoking, sparring, and consumption of much food and pies!

We do not have recruiting quotas, or send random kinship invites. Instead we look to build a kinship that is based on friendship, trust, maturity, and respect.

Requirements: The only requirement imposed is that you are a mature person. We prefer adults, but may consider younger players.
F2P players are more than welcome although we highly encourage supporting the developing company - so consider subscribing if you can afford it. ;)
Veteran players are very welcome! There is a lot about the game that needs to be shared with others, and the more veterans we have to do this, the better.

Recruit and Member status: Any character will remain a recruit until you have reached at least level 20, been a recruit for at least 2 weeks, and have shown you are mature, respectful and involved. The minimum level is not a difficult task and we want our characters with kinsman badges to be characters people actually play.

Being a recruit does not put you low on the totem pole. While a recruit, we hope you get a feel for the kinship and decide whether we're a good fit for your goals and playstyle.

Q: How long will I be a recruit? A: That all depends on you. Of course, level 20 and 2 weeks is required, beyond that though is just you demonstrating you are an adult-minded person and your gaming goals line up with The Guild's.

Stone Trolls

Walk through Bree


Officers: We currently have a full staff of very helpful and experienced players as our Guild officers.

Being an officer in The Guild is a duty you perform, not a position you hold. Every officer in The Guild became such based soley on their contribution, performance, and game knowledge. None of them inquired about or requested to be an officer.
You can rest assured you are in good hands with the Guild's leadership. 

Alts: ALTS are restricted to MEMBERS. In other words, you join The Guild with one character. You play this character until you have been awarded kinsmanship. At this point, you can bring your alts in to play as well.

As a rule, we require that your main character be a full member in order to keep alts within The Guild.

The only other stipulation we ask is that if you want to bring an alt into The Guild, let it be an alt that you will actually play from time to time. No mules please.